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Our Story

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Started with market feedback: 

Many Retailers, across the country, remain on company's Retailer database,

but are not serviced by Distributors

As a result, they spend their crucial business hours away from their shops,

in wholesale markets to purchase stocks.

They also miss out on Trade benefits, offered by Distributor / Company, because on some days, Salesmen skip beat coverage of some of these Retailers, or, are unable to cover

entire Route due to many reasons.


Many Retailers place orders via company locked Apps, in Sales people's mobile phones.

Each of these Apps collect orders for individual company / brands. 

Thus Retailers spend crucial Morning business hours interacting with each

salesperson, to register product orders for each App based company.

On some days, these App operating Sales people skip beat coverage of some of

these Retailers, or, are unable to cover entire Route due to many reasons.

This breaks the INVESTMENT CYCLE of these Retailers because of


What if we could give the Retailers the FREEDOM TO ORDER

by giving them an APP that aggregates area DISTRIBUTORS 

and Companies linked to their Retail Shops? 

We spoke to Companies, Distributors, Retailers. We asked them their

expectations from such an App. 


Thus was born ZUMP.  

Mission of Zump APP

Our Mission at Zump

 is to: 

We designed a platform for MOM & POP STORES as well as large format Stores wherein

The physical order procurement process by the salesperson migrates to an online APP-based robust, seamless process, without the intervention of the Sales Person.


This is a system-driven process to facilitate sales in the B2B category.

At Zump, multiple Companies along with their channel partners -

Distributors and Retailers: 
• Create business orders 24x7,
• Submit, Receive and dispatch orders as per delivery schedule, as per route 
• Manage efficiently their Product Portfolio. 
At  Zump (Ra Lifecare Pvt. Ltd), we understand your Business. We are backed by experts in Field of FMCG Sales and Marketing with decades of Market Experience and Experts in Information Technology who have designed complex software to solve and digitize critical processes of  many large corporate entities. 

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