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FMCG Retailer Order Management Tool

How to Register

How to register ?

Zump Homescreen at a glance

Zump Home Screen Desc-01.png
Zump Homescreen

1. Book My Orders

No waiting for Salesman to book your orders.

Find your 1. Distributors (Vendors), their 2. Product Categories, 3.Product Types,

4.Brands and entire 5.Product list of each Brand with Prices, Schemes, Margins & MOQ

neatly displayed in single Window. 

Place your daily Orders to all your Distributors. Grow your Shop business.

Go Digital , Mobile se Order bhejo. Ab har shelf par honge Brands he Brands.

Book My Orders

2. Order Status

Order movement tracking and Delivery confirmation Module.

Distributor E-confirms stock dispatches , Retailer App updates order status to DELIVERY.

Retailer activates DELIVERY button inside Order, to confirm stock receipt

Know your Order Status -

Pending, Tap to Cancel/ On Hold, Cancel / In Process, Delivery / Auto Timeout

Order Cancellation mode only by Retailers (within  7 days from PO date)
System will block (Auto Time Out) all Pending Orders, If Orders are PENDING after 7 days from PO date.  

Order Status

3. My Orders

My Orders feature is a view mode for all Orders.

Track all your Orders of current Financial Year.

Digital folder neatly arranges all your orders, as they get processed and serviced. 
Get Entire Financial Year purchase summary and business data from these Orders. 

Pending / In Process / Delivered / Time Out / On Hold orders.