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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I, a Retailer, have to pay membership fees to use ZUMP?"
    ZUMP app is absolutely free for Retailers. Do not pay any amount to any body from distributor or company to use ZUMP.
  • Can I, a Retailer be removed from ZUMP DATABASE by any of my Distributors?"
    No. you will continue to enjoy using ZUMP benefits as long as you wish to remain in ZUMP FAMILY.
  • In ZUMP, can I, a Retailer, shift from one Distributor to another Distributor, for same Brand?"
    If you have not shifted your shop location, then No. In ZUMP, inside your Retailer login, you will not be able to view other Distributor(s) of same Brand. Use our Helpline to speak to our customer support team to resolve any technical difficulty in submitting Orders or Distributor not accepting your Orders.
  • I don’t have computer in my shop. Can I use Zump?
    Yes. Zump is a Mobile App. To run efficiently, it needs a SMART PHONE with steady mobile data with average internet speed.
  • I have very less space in my Internal Storage of Mobile? Can I download Zump?
    Zump is a cloud based Application. It occupies very little Storage space in your smart phone. All data is stored in cloud in your secure account.
  • If my Mobile data pack finishes or stops, will my, Retailer, link with Distributors stop?"
    No, your link remains even if mobile internet data or wifi data stops. You will have to re log in to resume your activities in Zump App. Remember to Submit your final Orders either to Distributor or save in Draft Orders, to prevent retyping your order quantities.
  • Is my data safe in cloud? Can others track my orders and purchase data?
    Your data is secure in ZUMP servers. Only you ( Retailer / Distributor) can access your data with a login and password. Do not share your username and password with anyone. Zump team will never ask you for your password.
  • Can my distributors see my purchases from different distributors of same product category?
    No. Each of your Distributor can see only those orders which you have submitted to their account. They cannot track your purchases from other different Distributors.
  • Can I, a Retailer, Order same brand from different Distributors?"
    No. This is not allowed in Zump. A Retailer is paired to an authoised Distributor of a Brand. Retailer cannot view another distributor of same Brand.
  • Can I, a Distributor, receive orders from Retailers anywhere in the country?"
    No. You as a Distributor have to agree to be linked only to your authorized territory and routes. These are as defined by your Principal Company for which you are the authorized Distributor. You will need to prove that you have been allotted more territories by your company.
  • I, as Distributor, have distributorship for many companies. Each company has allotted me different territories. Can I receive orders for all my Brands?"
    Yes. The Dynamic Lock system in back end will allow linkage as per your company you service. No two (2) distributors of same brand will be allotted same route and same Retailer.
  • If Distributor resigns from distributorship of company, can I, a Retailer, continue to order on Zump for this company products?"
    Retailer will not be disturbed and enjoy uninterrupted supply in this case. When one distributor leaves a company distributorship, he will have to inform Zump Administrator. His Zump link with his Route Retailers, for Ex company, will be blocked. Zump will link new Distributor after verification and approval between incoming and outgoing Distributor.
  • How many orders can I send to distributor(s)?
    You, a Retailer, can send as many orders as you want for single or multiple brands per distributor.
  • Can Distributor create orders on behalf of Retailer?
    No. Nobody can create orders from Zump Retailer App except the authorized person. For this, you the Retailer, should never share your password with anybody, not even to the distributor salesman or any company person. Zump will take no responsibility of orders created from your authorized login credentials.
  • I, a Retailer, don’t know my Distributors. If I order on Zump, will Distributor deliver to my shop?"
    A Distributor will like to have long term business association with you, a Retailer, based on your business stability. If you can view your Area Distributors in your App, it means you are connected to them. Go ahead, start sending orders.
  • I a Retailer, need to increase footfall in my shop. Can Zump help me choose products I can stock?"
    Check BOOK MY ORDER feature in ZUMP. Zump has arranged all the data as per categories, Sub Categories, Brands. Find the products which best suit your area and customers. If your PRODUCT CATEGORY/PRODUCT TYPE/BRAND/PRODUCT ITEM is not listed in BOOK MY ORDER, refer to ADD MORE BRANDS feature. Call our Helpline number to link you to Distributor of this Brand.
  • If I do not know my Distributor name, can Zump give me contact details ?"
    Yes you can. Zump Retailer App provides the address with key person contact details of All registered Distributors (refer to Reports>Vendor).
  • I am a busy Retailer. I cannot use all the selections in BOOK MY ORDER section. Is there a short cut?
    We appreciate your interest in Zump. ZUMP app is designed for small and big Shops. Navigate directly to Brands to get products or select product types to list all products. Also find individual products in Reports.
  • Will the App show all the products in a brand?
    We encourage Distributors to enlist all products in the brand. Distributor can modify the product list as per their choice. Same list will be seen by the distributor and his linked Retailers.
  • I have 2 shops in different parts of same city. Can I order from same distributor for both shops?
    Each shop in a Territory is linked to one verified authorized Distributor of that territory. If company has allotted different distributors for different territories in same city, you will have to send separate orders to respective territory Distributor from ZUMP.
  • I have many shops in different part of same city. Can I use same login and password for all shops?
    Since your mobile number and your shop is paired with the Distributor, you will need different unique mobile numbers for each shop.
  • How will I, a Retailer, know different schemes on products?"
    At time of uploading the pricelist, Distributor will inform which schemes he wants to share with his Retailers. These schemes will be displayed with each product item.
  • Can I, a distributor, withdraw schemes on products?"
    Distributor has all the rights to change or withdraw schemes. Advance intimation of 48-72hours has to be given to App Administrator to make necessary changes in backend. From the App itself, Distributor can inform their retailers when the scheme will be withdrawn.
  • What is the minimum value per Order?
    Each Distributor has defined a MOA-MINIMUM ORDER AMOUNT per brand. App will prompt you to submit orders as per this MOA.
  • Can I order single unit per product?
    Each Distributor has defined a MOQ-MINIMUM ORDER QUANTITY per PRODUCT ITEM. App will prompt you to submit orders as per this MOA.
  • Does ZUMP allow me, a Retailer, to write a message to my Distributor?"
    Refer to “Remarks” whenever you are submitting your Order. Here you can type your message for the Distributor.
  • Can I, a Distributor, send a message from ZUMP to the Retailer?"
    Only if you want to put on-hold an order and give the reason for not processing the order.
  • Can I, a Retailer, view the order I submitted?"
    Yes, each order you submit to your distributor can be viewed. It has a unique Number assigned by the App, along with DATE & TIME STAMP.
  • How much time Distributor takes to deliver stock as per my, a Retailer, order?"
    Each Distributor has defined his/her supply schedule as per the day of the week. This schedule is displayed in EDD: EXPECTED DELIVERY DAY section when you, a Retailer are submitting the Order.
  • Can I, a Retailer, cancel an Order if I do not want to buy?"
    Yes you can cancel the entire order. You can cancel it within 7 days of PURCHASE ORDER date.
  • Can I, a Retailer, modify or cancel individual product in an order?"
    No. you cannot modify the order. You can create Draft Orders from BOOK MY ORDER>DRAFT ORDERS or REPORTS AND QUICK ORDER>DRAFT ORDERS and then modify or cancel individual product in a draft order, then submit as final Order.
  • If I, a Retailer, create Draft Orders, can Distributors view these orders?"
    No, these draft orders are saved in Retailer account as temporary data, Distributors do not know about these orders and cannot view them. These Draft Orders do not get added to Distributor data until submitted as final orders. Retailer can create as many Draft Orders as he wishes to.
  • Can I, a Distributor, cancel an Order submitted by my Retailer?"
    No. Distributor cannot cancel any orders. We encourage Distributors to service all the orders they receive in their Territory.
  • Can I, a Distributor, not accept an Order submitted by my Retailer?"
    We understand that sometimes you, a Distributor, will have limitations and do not want to accept your orders. In such a situation, you, a Distributor, can activate the ON HOLD facility in your App. Zump Retailer App will immediately update the Order status.
  • As a Distributor, if Retailer cancels the order, do I pay membership fees for cancelled orders?"
    If Retailer cancels the orders, it will be removed from distributor Order summary and no fees will be charged for cancelled orders.
  • What happens if I, a Distributor, do not process an order?"
    Any confirmed order will remain active in system for 7 days from PO DATE. To accept the order, Distributor has to click the In Process button in his app. If order is not processed within 7 days, then it is declared AUTO TIME OUT at end of 7 days from PO DATE and time. This AUTO TIME OUT order will be charged to the distributor in his membership fees.
  • How will I, a Retailer know when the order is dispatched by the Distributor?"
    When distributor accepts the order, the Order status in Retailer App changes from Pending to Delivery. This indicates distributor has loaded the ordered material in delivery van.
  • Can Retail inform distributor he has received the stock?
    Retailer has to tap DELIVERED button in his Order status to confirm delivery. Same time the Order status in Distributor App will change to Delivered.
  • Can I, a Retailer, see my Account statement on daily basis?"
    ZUMP updates your data immediately whenever it is modified, to give you real time statement. In Retailer account, Retailer can see Financial year statement of All Purchase orders- Pending/In Process/Delivered/Time Out/On Hold. Zump shows Financial year data summary as per Vendors/ Brands/Product Types/Ordered Products. It shows - Total Registered Orders ( Number), their total MRP, total Trade Margin (mark-up) -value and percentage, total Landing Price (including GST), total TRP ( basic price without GST), total GST-value and percentage. Retailer can view Monthly summary for - Current Financial Year ; Current Calendar Year; Previous Calender Year. Monthwise Summary statement can be viewed for Orders, GST, Ordered Products.
  • Can I, a Distributor, see my Account Statement on daily basis?"
    ZUMP updates your data immediately whenever it is modified, to give you real time statement. In Distributor account, Distributor can see Financial year statement of All Purchase orders- Pending/In Process/Delivered/Time Out/On Hold. Zump shows Financial year data summary as per Retailers ordered Products/Retailer Linked Products/Products Ordered by Retailers/Company/ Brands/Product Types. It shows - Total Registered Orders ( Number), their total MRP, total Trade Margin (mark-up) -value and percentage, total Landing Price (including GST), total TRP ( basic price without GST), total GST-value and percentage. Distributors can view Monthly summary for- Current Financial Year ; Current Calendar Year; Previous Calender Year. Monthwise Summary statement can be viewed for Retailers, Orders, GST, Ordered Products.
  • Will I, a Distributor, be able to view and process orders if my account is deactive?"
    No. Distributor will not be able to access the Order book if Distributor package is over. Zump will prompt the distributor to recharge the package, to immediately open the lock.
  • Do I, a Retailer, have to register in ZUMP for each Distributor?"
    No. Retailer need not login for each new Distributor. Retailer log in is only once, for lifetime. Each time a new Distributor joins ZUMP FAMILY he will be linked to your route and to you as per company brand terms.
  • Distributor is servicing the shop next to me but not my shop. How can I ask the Distributor to service my shop?
    This can happen if Distributor has not linked your Shop to his system. You can inform us by whatsapp/Helpline to solve this and we will address the issue immediately.
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