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3 Good Reasons to use Zump Retail Order Management Tool:

1. Follows FMCG model - ONE retailer on a route to have ONE exclusive              distributor for ONE company.

2. Links each single Distributor, of exclusive Company brand, with his multiple Retailers on the authorized Beat Plan.

3. Connects digitally every Retailer to Company, to boost Brand visibility in entire Retail Universe.


Want to Order but don’t know Product

Details and Schemes?

  1. Zump is Retailer's Product Directory. Here Retailer always finds complete details of all the products.

  2. Zump is a robust B2B platform for Retailers to plan their weekly / fortnightly / monthly purchase from their Distributor(s) - A powerful Inventory  Management Tool for Retailers.

  3. Universal Platform  for all retailers where many retailers log in at same time and place their orders in full faith and secrecy and obtain best deals.

                           ......and many more benefits!

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why zump
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Want business from your entire Retail Universe?

Salesman unable to focus on low business outlets?

Competition Brand has more outlets than you?

Want to open another branch in new City?

  1. Zump helps Distributor in Business optimization per Brand per Route; cost control of logistics and Delivery;

  2. Eliminate false sales; control exceptional sales surges and drops; manage market outstanding and Cash Flows; plan primary sales as per secondary sales; track delivery to retailers order by hardware backed acknowledgement process.

  3. Add new companies & product categories;

                          .....and many more benefits!


Stocks purchased by few retailers, despite large Retailers database?

Retailers ordering few products from entire portfolio, even after heavy advertisement?

Unable to add new markets because of no Sales teams?

  1. Zump helps Companies add un-serviced Retailers to add genuine business

  2. Monitor Distributor inventories and sales at one go

  3. Avoid stock piling to encourage healthy Primary to Secondary Sales

COMPANIES can confidently launch their products using our data base;

Expand into newer territories;

Add more distributors and Retailers;

Overcome language barriers and reach out to linguistic and vernacular markets.

Judicious spending on marketing & brand building; Better profit realization riding on Zump Infrastructure.
                              .....and many more benefits!

Team Brainstorming


Dear Retailers, by Logging in, you also qualify for our ZUMP REWARDS program.


It is pretty easy.

Every month, we give away prizes, based on how often you open your Zump app.

The more you log in, the higher level prize you can win.

You don’t have to refer anyone.

Just keep ordering on the App and win prizes.

We cannot wait to get you started.

Zump Rewards for App use

By browsing and ordering daily, you qualify for our Zump Rewards program, where you can win prizes each month.


How it works:

Each month we look at how often you browse the app, and award prizes based on your rank.

The more you use the app, the higher your rank grows:


ZUMP rewards program


*register into the App to know more about TRP.

At the end of each month, we select ONE winner from each tier, to receive the prizes. 
These winners are announced in the Home page of the App.


You don’t  have to refer anyone. Just keep ordering on the App.
It is that simple.
Happy Shopping

Disclaimer:  This is a launch offer.

Rewards Program can be terminated at the sole discretion of App Administrators. 

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